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    Hi! I'm famous in Shinjuku, the third Haruchan!
    From January in 2010,I have dashed at members’ shops in Shinjuku Central Street to collect data and reported them to you, and in those two years and 10 months, I have completed the attacks against most of membership.(^o^)/
    So, maybe this would be the last report. I have to say good-by to you, and I will devote myself to drama activities of “Super Eccentric Theater” I  belong to.(^_^)/~
    For me Haruchan, I tried to make with a handsome master in some shop during my report in Shinjuku Central Street..... Oh my God, it was a series of NG. I feel sorry a little for that, don’t I?(+_+)
    Ah! Say, a useless character, shrinking Jikuser is staying in this homepage because he has no place to go, so why don’t you encourage him together?
    Anyway, you know, I really appreciate that you have kept going with my poor writing of report.\(^o^)/
    So, boys and girls!! Good luck to you!! And let’s meet again somewhere please!!

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☆ Jun 6, 2014 ☆
「Half Ticket Service」 Poster of Wald9 Cinema has renewed.

☆Jul 21, 2012☆
Smartphone English Site has opened!
皆元気になってもらいたいねIt's Jikuser!  Welcome!!!

Oct 27, 2012 ☆
Images of Shops are updated on YouTube!


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