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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

 Kakkou is a very nostalgic style of restaurant, a place where immediately reminds you the Japanese ancient resident houses, (#^.^#) personally I like this kind of calm and relaxing places.
 The owner of the shop, Mr Higuchi, who obtained a professional chef certificate for his such a young age of 39, paid me a very warm welcome in spite of my sudden interview.
 In this place you will be amazed to find out the thoughtful arrangement of the seats. Semi-private seats are available for couples to enjoy a romantic chatting hours. Of course, Kakkou is suitable for the group of biger size, including four, six or twelve people to have private dining hours.
 Me, Haru is still enjoying my single life, so coming here alone. (*_*) I chose the bar seat. Although feeling a bit lonely but freely choosing dishes I like to eat and drink also felt good. On bar seats, you will see fresh and safe fish brought from sea around Japan, displayed in front of you. You can pick the fish yourself ask chef to cook it for you! (^_-)-☆
 Owner's recommended menu is the most popular " Sashimi Funamori", which is available for only limited numbers in each day. Fresh Sashimi is placed on wood made small ship. Very artistic arrangement so I must say, even just looking at it alone is very enjoyable. Price for this course is 1048 Yen.
 This place can also host banquets with more than 60 people as well. During your visit in Japan, if you would like to throw a party or something, Kakkou is your best choice.
 Last but not the least, in Kakkou you will be able to enjoy base Japanese rare Sake and Shochu. All displayed on shelf. So you can choose freely by checking them up yourself .
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