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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

After working for one of a well known beauty salon in famous Isetan department store in Shinjuku, two of its professional beautician, set up their own Hair Salon 29. This salon has been the full-service beauty salon of choice in Shinjuku area. Salon artists here value your time, offering a wide range of services with all the personal attention and care you deserve. This place makes especially high level of commitment to develop the best hair treatment and care service.
Hair often get damages from unhealthy life habits, frequent striating with chemical agents, using hair irons, or some other damages due to head from blow dryers, curling irons, coloring etc. If you are suffering any of those sorts of hair damage, welcome you to visit Hair salon 29 anytime for the best professional advices and treatment. For your hair to be strong and healthy from scalp to each single hair tip, this salon has developed their own system of damaged hair treatment system which has been attracting wide new clients. While my visit to this salon, I have also my hairs checked and had a full course of treatment here.
Besides hair care service, all other hair make services are available. You will have your best hair style which suits your personality and your likings. While you visit in Tokyo, you can have a quick hair-cut or hair-do.
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