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  • Adidas brand core store Shinjuku

 Well-known sports brand `adidas` holds numerous shops in all around world, among them Japan Adidas Brand Core Store in Shinjuku is the best one.
 Conveniently located right in front of the East Exit of Shinjuku Central Street Station, it is easy to spot for its striking hug commercial poster of world`s top athletes on its building wall.
 I personally enjoy sports very much. As you know, there are so many different types of sports and each requires us to develop strength of particular parts of our body. Sometimes our figure and shape effects our enjoyment of certain sports. For example like running, it is said if you want run better you will have to feel the surface of the floor well with your feet(*_*).
 But with ordinary sports shoes you can hardly do that. Lucky us, recently Adidas launched its revolutionary product called “adipure trainer 360” which can totally solve your such problems. These are super lightweight and are great shoes for training. It has a seamless bootie construction so they feel like gloves for your feet, you can free your feet as to move as they were meant toヽ(^o^)丿
 Here in this shop you will be able to find your perfect match shoes. Products not only come with different colors and design, you can also request to add up extra items to create your own one and only sports-shoes. In Brand Shop Shinjuku, you will also find Japanese style of Bags and other clothing lines which are perfect for souvenirs to your friends.
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