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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

  • Nail Salon Ange Shinjuku

Summer time means more time for sandals and other summer shoes which means you need to get some time pedicure or show off your beautiful hands with artistic manicure. Every week this nail salon manage a special meeting ,study about nail art designing and drawing. The Japanese nail art scene is presumably one of the most vibrants in the world. They have taken nail art to a whole different level! Friendly and professional nail artist will offer you the best service from providing the latest nail art trend to answering your any question about your nails. Compare to other nail art salon ,you will be able to get the quickest and the best art performance in this place. While your travelling or shopping in this area,welcome to Nail Salon angeto have the best nail beauty service in japan .(^_-)-☆
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