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「“Noren” Part2」


新 宿 中 央 通 発 展 会

  • Shinjuku Wald 9

1-26, Shinjuku 3 Chome, Shinjuku
9F Yeast Building
JR Shinjuku station 8 minutes
Marunouchi Line, Fukutoushin Line, Tokyo Metro Subway
Shinjuku 3 Chome 2 minutes
 This report is about the famous Cinecom the Cinema Complex-Shinjuku Wald 9. The word Cinecom came from the English word Cinema Complex which means a single facility containing more than one "auditorium." All seats can be booked by telephone or on-line reservation so you don't have to line up and wait for getting the tickets. Shinjuku Wald 9 theaters are located on the ninth to 13th floors of a building in Shinjuku, where people can enjoy a night view of the area from its escalators. The popularity has been rapidly increasing. Last year it had the record of 1800000 visitors. Digital projectors are installed in all its Theater and it is the first for a cinema complex--to provide enhanced colors and images in this area. Nice environment, luxurious, comfortable seats, you will have the best movie watching time. My best record is watched three movie at a raw, what about you (^_-)!!! With your used ticket you can even have the chance to enjoy the discount service in several nice restaurants. The selections of movies are always the latest and the best. Come over and feel the newest technology of Japan. (^o^)/
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